Information Technology & Digital Strategy

You may or may not have an IT & Digital strategy, either way we can help you with the following:

  • IT&D strategy review and business alignment

  • IT&D strategy design and development

  • Business requirements capture

  • IT service operating model design and delivery

  • IT Programme and projects alignment


We pride ourselves on being creative and ideas driven, we can help you to create your future IT and digital state by understanding your current state and identifying the right solutions that will transform your business, we do this through:

  • Horizon scanning

  • Understanding your business

  • Research and development

  • Interactive workshops

  • Identifying the right technology solutions

  • Having strong relationships with our technology partners

  • Trying out new things and identifying new ways of working

IT & Digital Risk

We are specialist in identifying risks within technology and digital environments. We can offer advice and guidance on your business continuity and disaster recovery arrangements as well as assess any cyber vulnerabilities you may be worried about. We can offer the following, so that you feel at ease and assured that your IT&D operations are governed correctly and secure:

  • Cyber security awareness training

  • Cyber security audits

  • Business continuity planning reviews and plan development

  • Disaster recovery planning advice

  • Strategic IT risk assessments and alignment with corporate risk

  • IT&D Risk register development

  • IT&D Risk management and mitigation

  • IT Service governance reviews 

Service Improvement

We understand the complexities in business and that sometimes the dots need to be joined up. We can work with you and advise you on ways that you can use technologies and insight to streamline your business processes, become more efficient and continue to improve the services your provide. We do this through:

  • Service reviews

  • Technology reviews

  • Insight and trend analysis

  • People and culture 

  • Gap Analysis

  • Service redesign

Our Approach

We can work independently or we can compliment your in-house team and take a more hands on approach to your IT and digital transformation plans. We can run workshops for you and manage your programmes and projects. We can provide interim IT leadership and help you to develop your IT and digital strategies, we can review your business processes and help you to develop new ones around the use of new technologies.

As a trusted partner we can provide you with advice and guidance throughout your digital transformation journey. From helping you to procure and select right solution for your business and your customers, through to successful implementation and ongoing support,  we can guide you through the whole digital transformation process from start to finish.

We can help you to identify your current IT and digital state and guide you to make the right choices about your future state. This includes advising on IT and digital strategies and ensuring they are aligned with your vision and corporate business plans. We work with you to make sure you make the right choices about your IT and digital environment and how it can operate effectively, so that you get the best out of your people and the technology partners you work with.